Arcades In Southwest Florida

Arcades have been around for years and have been a staple in American culture, as a great way for families to pass time, couples to enjoy a date and a great option for friends who just want to hang out. They provide an excellent escape from reality and allow guests to journey into a realm of competitiveness and creativity. Here in Southwest Florida, there is no difference, as each arcade provides its own set of adventures and thrills for everyone to enjoy.

From nostalgic retro arcades to modern arcades offering virtual reality, there is an arcade for just about anyone and at just about any age. We’ve explored the endless fun to be found near Fort Myers, Naples, and Cape Coral and came up with this wonderful list of arcades. So the next time you are in the mood to blast zombies or race motorcycles down a virtual path, you’ll be ready.

Fort Myers

Chuck E Cheese arcade in Fort Myers Florida

Chuck E Cheese

Younger kids go crazy and have fun at the local check E Cheese. Here in Fort Myers, they can enjoy playing various games while chomping down on a slice of pizza. They are well-equipped to handle birthday parties and events for your younger children. However, they are not built or designed for handling older kids or adults.

Address: 5020 S Cleveland Ave, Fort Myers, FL 33907 | Phone: (239) 344-0563

Dave and Buster's Arcade in Fort Myers Florida

Dave & Buster’s

Here you’ll find an arcade that is attractive to people of all ages. Adults can sip on alcoholic beverages, while they compete in air hockey, motorcycle racing, and much more. Their fully stocked bar can handle a multitude of drink options, but also is a great place to watch sporting events. For the kids, you can feed them at the restaurant, then go explore the arcade. As everyone plays, they earn credits that they can use to purchase prizes that are redeemable at any Dave and Busters.

Address: 13499 S Cleveland Ave Ste 400, Fort Myers, FL 33907 | Phone: (239) 264-3000

Gametime arcade near fort myers florida

GameTime Fort Myers

An arcade that appeals to individuals of all ages may be found here. Adults can enjoy alcoholic drinks while competing in other activities, such as basketball and motorbike racing. In addition to offering a wide variety of drinks, their well-equipped bar is a terrific spot to watch sporting events. You may feed the children in the restaurant, then take them to the arcade to play. As players, everyone gains credits that may be used to buy prizes redeemable at GameTime Fort Myers.

Address: 10037 Gulf Center Dr, Fort Myers, FL 33913 | Phone:(239) 204-5964

Gator Lanes arcade near Fort Myers Florida

Gator Lanes

Inside the well-known local bowling alley, there is a marvelous arcade specifically designed to entertain kids of all ages. The vibrant arcade boasts an array of captivating games and delightful attractions, ensuring endless hours of amusement for the little ones. So while you engage in a spirited game of bowling, savor the company of friends at the pool tables, or test your precision with darts, the kids can immerse themselves in thrilling adventures, combating aliens or embarking on heroic quests to rescue princesses. Moreover, Gator Lanes proudly offers the opportunity to host delightful kids parties and events, providing an enchanting experience that combines the joys of bowling with an abundance of arcade tickets, resulting in a truly unforgettable and exciting combo package that will leave youngsters with cherished memories for years to come.

Address: 901 Crystal Dr, Fort Myers, FL 33907 | Phone: (239) 939-0048

Headpinz video game arcade Fort Myers

HeadPinz Fort Myers

Known for being the nicer bowling alley in Fort Myers, HeadPinz also has a rather large arcade. In the arcade area, guests will find and be able to play virtual games and laser tag, and a variety of other arcade favorites. But the amusement doesn’t stop at just that, they also have a virtual reality ride, ropes course, and hyperbowling. Many of the games are designed for kids 5 up to teens, but many adults also enjoy playing the arcade while they wait for their lane to open up.

Address: 14513 Global Pkwy, Fort Myers, FL 33913 | Phone: (239) 302-2155

Retro Zone arcade in Fort Myers Florida

Retro Zone Arcade

A flat-rate arcade means no quarters or tokens are needed. Guests have the choice of paying per hour or paying for a day pass. Here you’ll find numerous of the classic 80’s style video games and pinball machines, joined by a lounge area with gaming consoles. If you’re looking for that nostalgic video game feel, then you’ve come to the right place. For the adults, they do have a bar serving up a variety of beer and wine, for your enjoyment. Also, be sure to check their calendar for events, they tend to host a number of video game tournaments that you won’t want to miss.

Address: 3577 Fowler St, Fort Myers, FL 33901 | Phone: (239) 266-4605


Naples Chuck E Cheese Arcade

Chuck E Cheese

Younger children have a blast and go crazy for the neighborhood Chuck E Cheese. They may enjoy playing different games while munching on a slice of pizza here at the Naples location. The Naples location is prepared to manage events and birthday celebrations for your younger children. Their games are not made or intended for older children or young adults adults.

Address: 1000 Immokalee Rd, Naples, FL 34108 | Phone: (239) 514-0022

HeadPinz arcade in Naples FL

HeadPinz Naples

HeadPinz, which has a reputation for being Naples’ premier bowling alley, also boasts a sizable arcade. Visitors may locate and engage in virtual reality rollercoasters, hyperbowling, and a range of other arcade favorites in the arcade section. However, many people also love playing arcade games as they wait for their lane to open up. Many of the games are made for children between the ages of 5 and adolescents.

Address: 8525 Radio Ln, Naples, FL 34104 | Phone: (239) 455-3755

Cape Coral

Arcade a Fun Things to do at Gator Mikes in Cape Coral

Gator Mike’s Family Fun Park

Over 45 different arcade games and machines, including redemption, shooter, racing, and vintage arcade machines, are available at Gator Mike’s video game arcade in Cape Coral. All ages can play at their arcade. The top arcade prize counter in Cape Coral is perfect for younger children, who will enjoy the thrill of collecting tickets and choosing their very own goodies. Let them play games independently, or play some of our co-op games with them to win extra tickets. Teenagers and young adults will also love competing with one another and going for the highest scores on the leaderboards for the arcade games. The nostalgia of playing arcade oldies like Asteroids or Pac Man, while simultaneously exploring the newest games, will appeal to even young adults.

Address: 35 NE Pine Island Rd, Cape Coral, FL 33909 | Phone: (239) 574-4386

Arcade at Happy's Family Center in Cape Coral

Happy’s Family Center

Kids of all ages are welcome to play at Happy’s Family Fun Park. Here you’ll find a fun and safe indoor playground, where kids may roam (under their adult’s supervision). Their games include virtual reality rides, a large excavation ride, and a whole bunch of arcade games. They’ll host your next field trip or birthday, under one of their many package deals.

Address: 616 NE 15th Ave, Cape Coral, FL 33909 | Phone: (239) 800-3192

Cape Coral Headpinz arcade

Bowlero Midpoint

Bowlero Midpoint, which is known as Cape Coral’s top bowling alley, also offers a large arcade. In the arcade section, visitors may find and play virtual reality rollercoasters, hyperbowling, and a variety of other arcade classics. Many individuals, however, like playing arcade games while waiting for their lane to open up. Guests will find that the games are designed for children aged 5 to teens, but are enjoyable for all.

Address: 1899 Del Prado Blvd S, Cape Coral, FL 33990 | Phone: (239) 574-3611

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