24 Things To Do In Fort Myers On A Rainy Day

It seems like it rains most days here in Fort Myers and it can get pretty boring when it does. This is why we came up with a list of things to do when it rains in Fort Myers. Our list is a combination of things to do around town and at home.

Although rainy days can interrupt your plans for a nice beach day, make it difficult to throw a football around with friends, and/or make it tough to go out fishing. There are still plenty of places around town that you can have fun indoors and if you aren’t looking to go out, we also have a few ideas for those looking to stay home.

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Challenge Yourself At An Arcade

Whether you are an adult looking to kill some time and have some fun, or a parent looking to get their kids out of the house for a little bit. Arcades are a great way to have fun in any weather condition here in Fort Myers. They provide hours of entertainment outside of the house that keeps you or your kids up and moving around. Check out the arcades in Fort Myers!

  • Arcades

Attempt An Escape Room

Let’s say your plans for a glorious beach day with your friends have been ruined by the rain. You and your friends still want to get together right? Then why not try a Fort Myers Escape Room? Give your brain an exercise and do your best as a group to solve a number of puzzles and riddles before time runs out. Explore your Escape Room options!

Let’s Throw Some Darts

Take some time and throw some darts. If you have a set at home, invite some friends or play against your household. But if you don’t have a set at home, then don’t worry because there are plenty of places to play darts here in Fort Myers. Many bars and restaurants have either an electronic dart set or steel tip dart set. Find your dart spot!

Dart Board

Shoot Some Billiards

Shooting pool or billiards is a great way to spend an evening. Whether you have a table at home or need to go out and play at a local pool hall or pub. Billiards doesn’t require a high volume of exercise, just some skill. It’s a great activity to grab any number of friends and play. Check out the Fort Myers Billiard Halls!

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Go On A Brewery Tour

Nothing beats a rainy day like relaxing in a brewery, trying the local craft, and playing games. Almost every brewery in town has some sort of bar games, board games, or video games for visitors to play while they enjoy a flight of delicious beer. Here in Fort Myers, we have a number of great breweries to choose from, each one with its own unique flavor. Explore Fort Myers local brewery options!

  • Fort Myers Brewing Company Beer Flight

Go Wine Tasting

Sipping wine while the pitter-patter of rain beats down on your overhead shelter can set the mood for an absolutely relaxing time. This wine tasting can be held at home where a host gathers a variety of wines and cheeses for guests to enjoy or you can go out and grab a flight of wine somewhere nearby. Explore your local wine tasting options!

Try A New Restaurant

We have all been in that situation where the weather relaxes you so much so, that you just don’t feel like cooking anymore. So why not order something new from one of the local restaurants here in town? Or maybe go out and try a less traditional style of food? As always, you can explore our great dining selection here in Fort Myers.

Sip & Paint

Sip and paint is a great and relaxing activity to do both at home or out at a studio. Try your hand at painting with a glass of whatever gets your creative juices going. This is a great group activity to participate in while it is raining outside and is great for socializing. Find a sip and paint shop here in Fort Myers!

A Couple Holding Paintings at Vino's Picasso

Try Axe Throwing

Indoor axe throwing is perfect to do while it is raining outside! There is an added benefit of the axe throwing place being a bit more humid, which causes the boards to soften up, which leads to the axe sticking more often. This a great way to pass the time, while you wait for the Florida storm to blow over.

Lumber Axe

Grab an axe and hit the target… after you get instructions of course. Lumber Axe in Fort Myers, offers guests fun axe games to play, food and plenty of whiskeys and whiskey tasting. Not a fan of whiskey, that’s not a problem they have plenty of cocktails, beer and wine options for you to choose from. This is an especially fun idea for a date night, bachelor or bachelorette part, team bonding at work and a fun night out with friends.

Address: 2158 Colonial Blvd Unit 1 & 2, Fort Myers, FL 33907 | Phone: (239) 931-1092

  • Having fun throwing axes in fort myers
  • Axe Throwing At Lumber Axe In Fort Myers
  • Whiskey Tasting Glasses

Go Bowling

Grab your friends, family members, or significant other and head over to the bowling alley. Bowling balls hitting pins, mimic the very sound of thunder and the loud clashes of pins down out the sound of rain. Thus, bringing a great atmosphere full of energy and excitement to an otherwise dull day. Check out the local bowling alleys!

Visit A Rage Room

Let’s destroy some stuff because the weather won’t let us go outside! That’s right, grab a bat and start swinging in your Fort Myers Rage Rooms. Nothing gets the frustration out from having canceled plans than smashing stuff.

  • Things to do is go to a Just One of Those Dayz rage room
  • Just One of Those Dayz rage room in Fort Myers
  • Aftermath of a rage room in Fort Myers

Just One of Those Dayz Rage Room

Address: 39 Mildred Dr, Fort Myers, FL 33901 | Phone: (239) 224-8971

  • Anger Management Rage Room Fort Myers
  • Fun thing to do is smash things in a rage room in fort myers
  • Anger Management Rage Room

Anger Management Rage Room

Address: 9541 Cypress, Lake Dr Unit 6, Fort Myers, FL 33919 | Phone: (239) 690-6369

Try Roller Blading

It’s not often you think about going rollerblading, but when it’s raining outside, it doesn’t sound like too bad of an idea. Especially for families, rollerblading is a great way to get your kids out of the house and exercise while it’s raining out.


Their roller rink is open for public skates, private events, and birthday parties. This rink is equipped with an area dedicated to dining and an arcade. They also host roller derby games here and have fun games they play during public skate. Don’t have skates? Not a problem, they have skates you can rent!

Address: 2095 Andrea LaneFort Myers, FL 33912 | Phone: (239) 482-7789

  • Spinz in Fort Myers
  • Roller blades at Spinz in Fort Myers
  • Spinz in Fort Myers dining area

Let’s Go Ice Skating

Fun fact, the local ice arena in town is also a hurricane shelter. This really assures you that going to a public skate during a thunderstorm is a really safe idea. Be sure to check out the daily deals and ice times, to decide on when will be best for you and your group. Explore public ice skating!

Everblades Hockey

Go To The Movie Theatre

When it rains here in Fort Myers, going to the movies is always a great option. With the weather being nasty outside, it’s nice to venture out and watch the latest movies that have come out. Explore your movie theatre options!

Sing Karaoke

Warm up those vocal cords and head to your local pub for some Karaoke. One of the most popular places in Fort Myers for Karaoke is Mona Lisa’s. So grab your friends, find your spot and start singing!

Visit The Imaginarium

Explore this interactive museum filled with fun activities and historical facts. From their interactive indoor water display to their huge ball pit, there are so many cool indoor activities to do. So don’t let the rain get you down and visit the Imaginarium!

Head To The Mall

Here in Fort Myers, we have one indoor mall that will shield you from the rain. Edison Mall is packed with plenty of stores for you to shop at your leisure. They also added in a mini-arcade for the kids to enjoy. When you are finished shopping or are at a good halfway point, the food court has plenty of options for your whole entourage or family. Learn more about Edison Mall!

Have A Spa Day

You’re already nice and relaxed from all the rain outside. So, why not make it a spa day? Pamper yourself at home with a facial mask and soft music or discover a new spa to venture out to. Either way, take advantage of the relaxing sounds of rain and spoil yourself a little bit.

Start Jumping At A Trampoline Parks

Looking for something active to do while it is raining? Then visit a trampoline park! This is a great option for families needing to reschedule outdoor plans. Kids and adults have the opportunity to bounce around and play games.

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Play Video Games At Home

Taking some time to hop online and play games with your buddies is always nice. This is also a great way to spend time as a family, maybe find a video game that everyone can play together.

Read A Book

Finally a time where no one is going to bother you with plans and things to do. So open up that book you have been dying to read and enjoy!

Play Board Games

Time to bring out the board games and spend some quality time with either your family or close friends. Battle each other in a game of wits or a game of luck, either way, it’s a great way to build memories. Check out the best board games!

Play Card Games

Crank out the old deck of cards and get to playing! Or bring out one of the newer card games like Cards Against Humanity (For Adults) or Apples To Apples (Kid Friendly).

Have A Movie Marathon

Your movie marathon can consist of a series of movies within a certain genre or a series like Star Wars or Harry Potter. So grab your popcorn, a blanket and begin your movie marathon.

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