Speakeasy Vibes Southwest Florida

Southwest Florida Speakeasies and Speakeasy-style Spots

Are you looking for a truly unique social experience while in Southwest Florida? Consider taking a step back in time when the Prohibition banned liquor, and visit one of the many speakeasies or speakeasy-style bars located throughout Fort Myers, Naples and Bonita Springs.

From classic secret spots to more modern takes on this traditional watering hole, these establishments provide excellent opportunities to come together with friends and live it up without sacrificing the mystique associated with this once clandestine form of nightlife! Read on to learn about each speakeasy and how to get in.

Naples Speakeasies and Speakeasy-style Spots

The Vine Room

Walking down 5th avenue in downtown Naples, you might just pass this speakeasy and never realize it. That’s because this speakeasy’s entrance is covered in vines and the only hint that you get is a small gold plaque on a wall nearby with the address. In fact, don’t even attempt to find a doorknob or bottom… because there isn’t one. To enter, you must simply push on the vine wall and enter the prohibition jungle. It is advised to have a reservation, this particular speakeasy gets very popular.

At The Vine Room, you can expect a wide array of cocktails to choose from. They pride themselves in selecting unique spirits that blend well with their juices and bitters. Additionally, The Vine Room has a great selection of cocktails that you’ll want to have your cameras ready for. With bubble smoke beverages and misty chests, you’ll be entertained by the many drinks being made throughout the night.

Staff Only

The District in Naples Florida, has hidden their Staff Only speakeasy a tough one to find.Hidden beyond their gardens is a hidden door labeled “Staff Only”. However, your journey to the speakeasy begins by asking your server “Are you hiring?”. They will then go back and grab an application for you to fill out. Following this, a manager will come over and say something along the lines of “Come this way. We’ll complete the application process”. (set a reservation)

From here the manager will usher you past curtains leading to the back of the house, you’ll see everything from time clocks and finally the “Staff Only” door. To complete the process, the’ll ask for you to clock in and give you an overview of the operations. Once you enter, the ambiance changes completely and gives off the true essence of a speakeasy.

Rogue – Speakeasy-style Steakhouse

To get into this speakeasy-style restaurant, you’ll first need to stop by The French in Naples. Where at the host stand you’ll find business cards with a QR code to book a reservation at Rogue. Once, you’ve set your reservation and are ready to begin your journey. You’ll need to walk through the corridors next to The French, decorated with umbrella’s above. From there you’ll find a random host stand, a red carpet, and behind them a wall with just a neon lit sign saying “Rogue”.

Once inside, you’ll find yourself entranced by the intimate and 20’s themed decor. At your table-lit table, you’ll find a set of flashlights and menu along with other utensils. As you read over the cocktail menu and steak menu, through your dimly lit environment. The sounds of soft classical music fill the air as you pick your dinner items. This is indeed a steak restaurant and will cost you a pretty penny for their fine fillets. Which is why we suggest this restaurant for very special occasions.

Bonita Springs Speakeasy-style Spots


Immerse yourself in the swanky vibes of Chartreuse cocktail bar in Bonita Springs, Florida. From the staff dressed head to toe in dapper attire, to the 20’s cash register behind the bar. Enjoy the speakeasy-like vibes and delightful cocktails. Their range in cocktails is vast, from frozen cocktails served in tiki heads to smoked old fashions. Everyone can find a cocktail they’ll enjoy on Chartreuse.

Fort Myers Speakeasy-style Spots

The 86 Room

Walk from the alley way or from the courtyard and right into the speakeasy-style bar. From the projector showing back and white films to the memorabilia on the walls. The 86 room embodies the vibes of 20’s with their themed music, swanky outfits and overall vibes. Known mostly for their bourbon and gin style drinks, they have a great selection of classic cocktails. It’s one of the most popular stops in downtown Fort Myers and is a must for anyone looking for upscale vibes downtown.

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