Sip And Paint In Naples

Skilled and non-skilled painters are encouraged to dip their brushes and begin painting their masterpieces… and even if you don’t paint well, at least there is wine and a good time. All our painting options below are great for groups to attend, date nights, and fun with the family. Each class is lead by an instructor who will guide you through your work of art and make the class relaxing and fun. So be sure to grab a glass of wine, beer, or water and begin your painting adventure!

AR Workshop Naples

AR Workshop Naples

Is a DIY workshop for home decor with project ranging from signs to knitting workshops. They also offer a wide range of take-home project kits for those that would rather work on their own.

Address: 2355 Vanderbilt Beach Rd #150, Naples, FL 34109 | Phone: (239) 631-2976

Masterpiece Mixers Paint & Party Studios Naples

Masterpiece Mixers Paint & Party Studios Naples

Canvas, brushes, paint, and instructors are all included all you need to do is bring the party!

Address: 5038 Airport-Pulling Rd N, Naples, FL 34105 | Phone: (239) 352-8900

A Couple Holding Paintings at Vino's Picasso

Vino’s Picasso

Are an acrylic-paint studio & wine bar with themed events and wonderful instructors. They also offer open paint hour, where guests can freely paint with a professional by their side.

Address: 2367 Vanderbilt Beach Rd #805, Naples, FL 34109 | Phone: (239) 431-8750

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