Unique Bars in Fort Myers

Most Unique Bars In Fort Myers

You could go to some ordinary bar where you will order your ordinary drink… and have an ordinary time. Which is fine, when it’s just you grabbing a quick drink at a local Fort Myers bar. But, when you have friends in town or want to shake things up a bit, a unique bar atmosphere can be a lot of fun. Many of the unique bars have a fun and different atmosphere with drinks to match! Our list has everything from a bar that has a fish tank, a bar designed like a speakeasy, one designed like a ski lodge and so much more!

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A unique fishtank bar at Bimini Bait Shack

1. Bimini Bait Shack

This place is just too much fun and coolness going on. First off, there are fake pirates everywhere…. some steering airboats and some just hangout out in the ropes. Next, they have an outdoor covered bar where the bar is a giant fish tank, mimicking the ocean floor. Also, there are a few seats at the bar where guests can enjoy a rope swing while sipping their cocktails. Not to mention, they have a Fat Tuesday inside their bar area!

Address: 17501 Harbour Pointe Dr, Fort Myers, FL 33908 | Phone: (239) 360-2248

The 86 room in Downtown Fort Myers

2. The 86 Room

Designed with an eclectic look that resembles that of a speakeasy. This bar specializes in specialty cocktails and pricing a unique and social atmosphere. You don’t have to dress up to visit this bar, but do expect to fully immerse yourself into the culture and style of the bar. Uniquely the bar is designed to be time-appropriate with their lounging areas, as well as, an outdoor patio and entry to the alley.

Address: 22 Patio De Leon, Fort Myers, FL 33901 | Phone: (236) 332-0014

Space 39 Art Bar and Martini Lounge in Downtown Fort Myers

3. Space 39 Art Bar and Martini Lounge

Their one-of-a-kind decor truly stands out, as modern art fills walls that are lit up with florescent flights of blue and purple. They have stocked their bar full of specialty cocktails and unique shots, for guests to enjoy. Weeknights and during the day, live jazz hits can be heard by all who walk by this small bar. On the weekends, young and old guests dance the night under the many locally drawn paintings that fill the bar as the DJ gets everyone up and dancing.

Address: 39 Patio De Leon, Fort Myers, FL 33901 | Phone: (239) 204-9949

Unique bar swings at Yucatan Beach Stand on Fort Myers Beach

4. The Yucatan Beach Stand

Here on Fort Myers Beach, you will find 2 unique bars that are part of 1 restaurant. Your captain’s chairs await your tushy at their U-shaped indoor bar. Here you will find literal boating chairs, surrounding the well-stocked liquor bar and is surrounded by tables that represent different items on a boat and even include booths that resemble mini boats. Outside however is a little different, where the decor takes on the tiki/easter island theme. The bar outside is unique, in that it contains a set of rope swings for guests to swing at while sipping on a cocktail. Aside from the bar scene, this restaurant has a wide range of seafood items and fun decor for guests to enjoy.

Address: 250 Old San Carlos Blvd, Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931  | Phone: (239) 333-4386

Fancys Southern Cafe front bar area

5. Fancy’s Southern Cafe

Sink your teeth into a variety of Southern favorites! From their Chicken and Waffles piled high to their biscuits and gravy. They even take things a step further and add in some New Orleans style of cooking with some classic Shrimp and Grits along with Pain Purdue, as breakfast options. Their cozy barn-style eatery also houses a number of specialty cocktails and drinks that are paired perfectly with your breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Their bar includes a wide selection of wines, a few popular draft beers, and an accumulation of liquors for both mixing and sipping.

Address: 8890 Salrose Ln #101, Fort Myers, FL 33912 | Phone: (239) 561-2988

Inside bar at The Firestone Skybar and Martini Bar

6. The Firestone Skybar & Martini Bar

Here you can choose the vibe you are looking for, from its modern downstairs bar, their secluded second floor for dining, and the skybar at the top. During the day, their restaurant is open to the public, serving up wood-fired dinners such as burgers steaks seafood, and much more. Later at night, the restaurant turns into a 2 story nightclub. Guests take an elevator to the second floor where the dance floor is popping and the drinks are pouring. Here guests have a chance to stay cool inside and enjoy the side-couches and cocktail tables in between dances.

When you’re ready, request to go up to the skybar. The actual skybar is open during the day as well for guests to enjoy views while sipping on cocktails. At night the skybar turns into a dance floor, with VIP tables and couches that overlook the view of the Fort Myers Bay area.

Address: 2224 Bay St, Fort Myers, FL 33901 | Phone: (239) 334-3473

The Lodge Bar in Fort Myers

7. The Lodge

Located in the heart of Downtown Fort Myers, The Lodge is a spot for all adventurers looking to grab a drink or bite to eat. Walking into this bar really makes you feel like you just finished your 2-hour ski and snowboard session in the Colorado Rockies and landed yourself in The Lodge. From fake ski lifts to an all-wood lodge feel, this place brings the feel of up north to Downtown Fort Myers. Here you can find great beers on tap (even a self-tap), BBQ dishes, and plenty of TVs for watching sports!

Address: 2278 First St, Fort Myers, FL 33901| Phone: (239) 433-2739

Entrance to The Boathouse Tiki Bar and Grill in Fort Myers

8. The Boathouse Tiki Bar & Grill – Fort Myers

Take an adventure and visit this bar by boat or by car! This tiki bar is loaded with all sorts of unique features that make it great. Aside from all the cool frozen cocktails, this bar is loaded with great food and drink options. They also have a pool attached to their bar. Guests can take a dip in their pool and hang out while having a few drinks. On cooler nights, you can also walk through the sand and find yourself in beach chairs with a delightful firepit right at the center. When visiting it is recommended to have a few hours set aside to enjoy the warm or cool weather and enjoy their live entertainment.

Address: 17101 State Rd 31, Fort Myers, FL 33905 | Phone: (239) 332-2628

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